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  • Eloise Carter (Thursday, August 16 18 10:21 pm BST)

    Hi there, my name is Eloise Carter, and I am in a band called St Paulo, we are 16-17 years old, and therefore we don’t have much experience with recording, we have been playing together for many years and feel as if this would be the next step, however we have little experience in this field, and do not want to spend a large amount of money on a studio without knowing how to prepare and what to prepare. Would there be a possibility for the three of us to spend some time in your studio to learn the basics through some work experience? We write original songs as well as preform covers, and have begun uploading youtube covers, but it would be great to learn more about this area of the music industry.

    Here are some videos and our social medias so that you can have a clearer insight into our ability:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zcJaQbFicU- youtube
    https://www.instagram.com/st.paulo.official/- instagram

    Many thanks,

  • Jordan (Thursday, August 16 18 02:31 pm BST)

    Hi there

    I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind me asking

    First one is I’m guessing this is a music recording studio??

    And my second one is how much Isit to rent it out for the day I’ll bring my own music producers with me

    All the best Jordan

  • Aimi pain (Monday, May 15 17 07:12 pm BST)

    Hi my name is aimi I was just enquiring about recording a song for my friends band funeral is this something I could do with you if possible could it either be tomorrow or wednesday

  • Dave ( Captain ) Sparrow (Wednesday, December 28 16 11:04 am GMT)

    Yo Colin,

    Happy Christmas / New Year and all that. What's new in Hubrs land? Been busy here with various projects. You free to pop round for a cuppa sometime? Got some exciting new studio stuff to show you...

    Cactch ya soon.

    Dave S.

  • Mary Day (Sunday, August 23 15 10:26 am BST)

    Hi there.

    We are a four piece unsigned rock/metal band with 12 tracks ready to record for our first studio album.

    Please could you give us an estimate of the cost for recording this? Could you give us three costs, one for recording only, one for mixing/mastering and one for all in?

    We recorded an EP last year, but we are now scrapping this following a line-up shuffle. Please let me know if you would like to hear a track.

  • Emma Turner (Tuesday, July 21 15 04:14 pm BST)

    Hi there, Can you please let me know your pricing. I am making an App for my business, much of which is audio voice over (me talking) and so will need good quality recording. Do you have hour/ half
    day / day rate? Thanks Emma

  • Reckless Junction (Saturday, October 12 13 03:46 pm BST)

    Had a great time at HUBARS and great tracks at the end of a relaxed session.

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