Who are we?

HUBARS was created in 2011 by drummer Col redfearn after years of playing in bands and running music venues and clubs. In 2006 he moved from his home in Scotland to London to become a professional drummer. He enrolled at one of the UK's best drum schools in London and started to take lessons for the first time in his music career, with the intention of going professional. He joined his friends band and started gigging and meeting like minded people. Most bands have one member who sets up the PA and runs the mixing desk, that was him...and he loved it. he soon started to do sound for other bands and became resident soundman in a music venue in Odiham.


He studied sound engineering at ALCHEMEA and set about building what is now...HUBARS.


Since he can remember, Col has played in bands of some description. He swopped his brother's guitar for a drum kit when he was 11 years old (It got swopped back once his parents realised). His first real drumkit was bought for him when he was 14 years old by his mother as she realised it was more than a passing phase. He formed a band with his best friend 'Dwygsy' (The Mutts Nuts) and soon became the The Lads.


He sold his drum kit and moved to Scotland with a guitar. He soon formed a band called the Little Big Men who had great success in the Moray area. When the singer left, the band formed up with Steve Simms (Resin) and created Pop, punk band BREEVE. They were close to breaking through when he got the chance to move to Cyprus. He moved to Cyprus and joined a band called HubbaBubba (with singer Gini Carlin of BFBS radio 1 fame).


On his return he formed Litle Big Men 2 who became very well known in Moray. Like all good rock n roll stories the band had highs and lows. They supported the infamous rockers Nazareth at a festival in Scotland and broke up that very day. Col moved to London and depped for his friends band The Mutts Nuts and enjoyed some awsome nights.


In 2008 Col moved to Hampshire and formed The Sik Swans and then Reckless Junction. he became resident soundman at OLMC and sound engineered for a few local bands including Fuzzuniverse.


So what does someone do with all this experience?


Col started an independent record label but very quickly realised that his true vocation was producing music. So after years of playing live and dabbling in studios, Col created HUBARS and still creates music to this day.

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